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  • How long do the wine tours last?
    Tours typically last 6-8 hours and include a lunch break lasting 60-90 minutes. Half day tours are also available.
  • Can I visit a Beer or Cider Brewery as part of the tasting tour?
    Absolutely! You can make this request when we discuss your tour with you. There is no additional charge for visiting a beer or cider brewery in lieu of a winery.
  • What happens if there's bad weather?
    Most wineries host their tastings indoors. Wineries who host tastings outside will move tastings inside to accommodate unruly weather. In the event of catastrophic weather cancelling a tour, we will work with you to reschedule and/or will be refund you for your tour.
  • Can I request to visit and specific winery as part of the tasting tour?
    Yes! Once you send us a message or email, we will call you to confirm your reservation and inquire these details about your wine tasting tour.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We offer full refunds for tours that provide written cancellation within prior to three (3) days of their scheduled tour. Any cancellations made within three (3) days of the scheduled tour may incur a $350 charge.
  • What happens is someone in my party becomes sick?
    We have water and other beverages available for guests, and can provide coffee as needed. Guests are always welcome to take a "power nap" in the touring vehicle at any time.
  • What type of vehicle is used for transporting tour groups?
    The vehicle is a 2017 Chevy Denali. It is fully loaded and has the capacity to comfortably seat 9 guests. (We try and limit tour groups to 6 to have the best experience.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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